The Story of How I Met Holly

We've been married nine years. So many people have asked us where we met that I decided to just put it online. A good story that occurred a few years ago concerns Holly's 29th birthday surprise.

Where We Met

It was October, 1986. I was a freshman at the University of Iowa. I was in the Honors Program, and at one of the social meetings it was announced that non-honors students were using the terminal room (yes, this is before personal computers were prevalent on-campus). We were told to be on the look-out for anyone we didn't know going into the terminal room.

The night of the seventh, I was alone in the terminal room when a stranger walked in. Being the gregarious sort of person that I am, I said to her "Hello! Are you really an honors student, or do you just come here to use the terminals?" She confirmed that she was an honors student, majoring in computer science. Since this happened to be my major, we struck up a conversation.

Or rather, I did. I was told later that Holly's first reaction was "Geez, this guy's talking to me." After a while, though, this turned into "Hey! This guy's talking to me!" In fact, we spoke for such a long time that the computer logged her off of the terminal due to inactivity, an event requiring upwards of 30 minutes of idleness (at the time).

During our conversation, I learned that Holly knew how to play the piano. I had always wanted to play the piano, so I offered to teach her how to juggle if she would teach me how to play the piano. She agreed, we exchanged phone numbers and addresses, and then she had to go.

Her roommates told me later that when she arrived back at the room, she was walking three feet off the ground.

Well, I taught her how to juggle, learned that she was a Dr. Who fan like myself, and started eating dinner with her and her roommates. Four years later, we were married on October 6th, 1990.

So far, so good. Except that I still don't know how to play the piano.

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