Our Four Cats

Yes, four. Clockwise from the top right they are Trixie, Eli, Victor, and Toby. Each has a distinct personality, and a story of how we got him or her.


Eli we got since we moved into an apartment which allowed pets. When we went to buy him, he was the only kitten left. He isn't any particular breed. He is friendly, but usually quiet. He is sometimes called the Cat-Wiggle (the idea came from the Marsh-Wiggle in the Chronicles of Narnia) since he loves to lie on his back and wiggle back-and-forth for attention.


We decided that Eli was lonely, being a kitten in an empty apartment most of the day. We got Trixie from the same place as Eli. She, too, is no particular breed. She is the friendliest, most talkative, and heaviest of our cats. Naturally, she is the lap cat.


Victor was a surprise. We went to a moving sale the summer we got the other two cats, and the family moving bred lilac-point Siamese cats. They had pure-bred kittens for sale. Holly made the mistake of holding one. The first night he stayed with us, Holly learned the vocal feats which a young Siamese can achieve. Victor tends to be rather aloof.


Toby was another surprise. My sister has a seal-point Siamese who got into heat and escaped the house. She came back pregnant. Toby was one of the litter of two kittens. We don't know what his father was like. He looks all-black, but in the sunlight you can tell that his fur is that deep seal color of his mother's points. He has that same voice, and is also very friendly, though easier to frighten.

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