A Look Around Our House

The following pictures are scanned from color prints. In each case I color-corrected the scans, but since these are shots of the outside, they turned bluish. I modified them to look something like you would see with your own eyes if you were there. If I were going to really get into this, I'd make the skies bluer.

The front of our house, a northern exposure. This was taken in the winter of 1998-1999, but I'm not sure when. The small window upstairs illuminates our cedar closet. The two windows on the left open onto the library, and those on the right to the living room. The branches to the right are from a maple tree on our property. You can't see it, but the walk makes an S-curve before it arrives at the steps through the hedge.

This shot is from the corner of our lot, a few months later (note that our front screen door has replaced the storm door), and at a different time of day. You can barely see the collapsed awning above the three western windows to the living room. The tree to the right is a Colorado Blue Spruce, we think. Our house finches made a couple of nests there last year, but this year they decided to stick to the trees.

You can see the three windows of the living room which look out onto our side yard. Three other trees are in the shadows further right, and the dark shadows on the right edge are from the largest and tallest spruce in our yard. The somewhat-backlit bush to the right of the center of the picture is a barberry. You can't see are the windows to the dining room and kitchen on the main floor, and our upstairs bedroom.

These are the three trees in the northwest corner of our lot, the intersection of Schletti Street (on the left) and Wheelock Parkway. They were at my back in the last two pictures. The reddish one in the middle is a maple, the other two are some sort of crab apple – fortunately, one that does not drop its fruit! The hedge is buckthorn.

Eli hunts a rabbit that is virtually invisible at this scale, no more than a pixel. The bush to the right is that same barberry from the shot of the side yard; the angle of the variegated hostas is practically at right-angles to that shot. The driveway to our garage is visible through the window on the left. This shot is from our back porch. We call the green space between it and the garage our courtyard, and that's where Holly has her garden.

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