Chicago and Suburbs

This is the city where I grew up. You would think I'd have a lot of restaurants to show, but when I was a kid I never paid much attention, and now I don't live there.

The Parthenon
314 S. Halsted St., Chicago, 60661
Last visit: July, 1999

This is where we would go out for family-style Greek food when I was a kid. When you order family style, you get a little of everything. Of course, the saganaki is a favorite. And you have to get the Rhoditis house wine.

Pizzeria Uno
29 E. Ohio St., Chicago, 60611
Last visit: 1997?

You don't go for a while, feel shame. This is another of those great basement restaurants. When your party goes, drop off one person to wait in line and get your order in. The rest of you spend 30 minutes trying to find a place to park. When you get there, you will be seated fairly quickly, and served fairly quickly, thanks to the sacrifice of the first person. But it is worth it...this is the first place in the USA to offer pizza as a main dish. When other restaurants call something "deep-dish Chicago-style pizza," this is what they aspire to, and fail to attain.

I remember one time going here (or maybe it was its mate, Due's)...they were remodelling, and had stripped the walls in a back room down to bare plaster. Everything is crowded, so you sat right close to the walls, and everyone who visited had autographed the walls. It was really cool. That's gone, but it was fun while it lasted.

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