New Places!

I forgot about Figlio in Minneapolis' Calhoun Square shopping mall! We visited it recently, and the food is still great.

Eat Food and Lose Weight!

I needed to lose weight, but I like to eat. So I started eating only half of what I was served. I'd eat half, stop, drink some water -- I'm mainly an ice-water drinker, another factor which might help -- then decide if I was still hungry, or just enjoying myself. If I was still hungry, I'd continue. If I was just eating for the fun of it, I'd stop and ask for a container so I could take the rest home.

By doing this, I lost 15 pounds from December 5th, 1998 through March 1, 1999. It is around a pound a week, which is a healthy rate. I also weighed myself daily, because if I ate too much I could usually see the results first thing the following morning. But it worked for me.

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