Iowa, Coralville, & Environs

I went to the University of Iowa, and met and married Holly here.

Bushnell’s Turtle R.I.P

This used to be a great sandwich restaurant, with wonderful soups and a great carrot cake. I think there's a bar in there now. I don't know why it is gone, but it is sadly missed.

Givanni’s ???

This used to sit on College street, a bit further west than Bushnell's Turtle. Last time I strolled by, it was undergoing renovations. I hope it comes back, because it was the best Italian food in Iowa City. Everyone waxes rhapsodic about the Brown Bottle, but that place is despicable.

Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream
225 S. Gilbert St., Iowa City, 52240
Lasat visit: May, 1999

Holly's favorite pizza place. She loves the pepperoni pizza, cut in squares. Me, I'll take their taco pizza anyday. Lots of toppings, excellent flavor. Be sure to use the hot sauce!

Hunan Chinese Restaurant
118 2nd St., Coralville, 52241
Last visit: October, 1998

This is a fun restaurant, with very good food. When we're in town, and Holly wants Chinese, we go here.

La Casa Ltd.
1200 S. Gilbert St., Iowa City, 52240
Last visit: 1998

The best Mexican restaurant in Iowa City. You can also buy their salsa by the case, and since it is Holly's favorite salsa -- especially with Deli No-Salt chips -- we always get a case when we're in town. When we break down an order a case to be delivered, we'll know we have an addiction.

Sam’s Pizza Inc.
321 S. GIlbert St., Iowa City, 52240
Last visit: 1993

They are still in the directories, so I presume they are still there. This was the only pizza place in Iowa City and Coralville that would make something close to a Chicago-style pizza. Forget anything the Airliner makes. Order from Sam's.

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