I'm involved with Space Station Enterprises, and we run interactive Star Trek games at the Gen Con gaming convention held here every year. You can only eat convention hall food for so long before you die, so we found some other places around town.

Mader’s German Restaurant
1037 N. Old World 3rd St., Milwaukee, 53203
Last visit: August, 1997

Another fine German restaurant. Great food, and the atmosphere! Lots of antique weaponry and armor. They also have a huge collection of beers, if you are into that sort of thing. This place has been around so long, my old Famous Foods from Famous Places cookbook has a recipe from Mader's.

The Safe House
779 N. Front St., Milwaukee, 53202
Last visit: August, 1996

The concept here is a place that was a Prohibition-era safe house, a refuge for law-abiding citizens who wished to not abide a particular law concerning alcohol. I think. Anyway, you enter through the alley, but you can get out through various fake store fronts. Be sure to call first and find out what the password for the night is. You'll be embarassed if you don't.

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