San Francisco

I've visited this city on business, but I still made time to try the restaurants.

8 Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, 94133
Last visit: November, 1998

Excellent food in an elegant setting. If you can get a table around sunset, you can have a splendid view of the bay. You are probably best off calling for a cab to come get you, though. If you go earlier in the day, take a walk through the nearby submarine.

333 O'Farrel St., San Francisco, 94102 (San Francisco Hilton & Towers)
Last visit: November, 1998

Fine dining, forty-six floors above ground. The lights are kept low so you can see out very well. You probably only get a 120º view, but it is still spectacular. This was also in our hotel. Did I mention that I prefer cab travel in SF?

The Stinking Rose
325 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, 94133
Last visit: November, 1998

Do you like garlic? I don't mean just in garlic bread...everything? Are you the kind of person who would try garlic ice cream? If so, you must visit this restaurant. The initial appetizer of sautéed garlic in a small frying pan that you spread over bread is delicious, and it just gets better. Garlic soups. Garlic sauces. Garlic mashed potatoes. Even the ice cream. They do have one or two non-garlic dishes for the timid -- these are marked in the menus with a vampire icon. This is another good place to visit by cab. Maybe I just don't like driving in SF.

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