My Ancestry

I plan to have my genealogy available on-line someday. For right now, let me provide some basic information.


My father's side of the family is from West Virginia and Virginia. An alternate spelling of the name there is Hughart, but it is the same family. My dad traced our ancestry back to a trio of three Hughart men, who were relatives of one another -- but we're not sure if they were brothers, or an uncle and two nephews, or what. They came to the American Colonies and settled in Virginia. We aren't sure where they came from.

My father's theory was that they came from Nothern Ireland, where the family went to escape religious persecution in France. The premise is that Hugart (in France, the name is Hugard) indicated involvement with the Hugenots. I have no information to support this theory.

As you may have noticed, there is a Hugart Machines in Poland. I do not know the story there. I have also been contacted by a Hugart in Sweden, although it turns out that the grandfather selected the name when he arrived in that country.


This is my mother's maiden name -- and no, I don't use it for credit verification. My mother's paternal grandparents were from Poland, but her maternal grandparents (named Radnuz) were from Germany. Interestingly, The part of Germany they were from is actually a city in Poland on the border -- it has changed hands several times between the two countries.


My wife's maiden name is Vawter, but her mother's maiden name was Whitehill. The Whitehills were members of Scotland's Convenanter Church, which was nearly stamped out by the Scottish Presbyterians a few centuries ago. In reality, the Convenanters went underground and escaped to Northern Ireland. They then went to Vermont, and ended up in Iowa.

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